EarthZyme® Alleviates Gravel Shortage for Syncrude

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When Base Plant Projects realized Syncrude’s road building material was in short supply, they teamed with Mildred Lake Mining to seek a solution. Did you know that the Alberta oil sands are the third-largest known source of crude oils in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? One of the largest producers of crude oil in Alberta is Syncrude. In 2011, Syncrude produced a considerable 105.3 million barrels of Crude Oil. Syncrude Canada Ltd. is one of the largest producers of crude oil from the oils sands in Canada. Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, Syncrude’s current capacity allows them to supply 15% of Canada’s petroleum requirements. In 2011, Syncrude produced 105.3 million barrels of Syncrude Crude Oil. In 2009, Syncrude was faced with a challenge – the sand and gravel they used for road building purposes was in short supply. They had to find an alternate solution that … Read More

Export Development Canada (EDC) Article on Matchmaking

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Cypher Environmental - Export Development Canada (EDC)

In following up with Cypher’s recent post from its President, Todd Burns, about his recent experience at Extemin 2015, below is an article written by EDC about the matchmaking program Cypher Environmental was a part of at the mining trade show and conference. As a result of the great feedback we provided regarding the targeted meetings we had to discuss our road stabilization, water remediation and dust suppression solutions with the selected mining clients in Peru, EDC chose Cypher as the only Canadian company to include in this article. Please see the article below for more information regarding the EDC matchmaking program at Extemin and Todd’s comments regarding Cypher’s positive experiences with the program. Match Your Way Into Peruvian Mines Anybody involved in the mining sector knows that it’s a difficult time for business. Commodity prices around the world have fallen, significantly affecting the bottom line profits of mining companies. … Read More

EarthZyme Receives Positive Endorsement – Jalpan de Serra


Cypher Environmental’s  soil stabilizer product, EarthZyme received positive reviews from the Municipality of Jalpan de Serra, in Mexico. EarthZyme was used in the construction of the road “Nuevo Camino a las Flores” and achieved great results on compaction and strength.  

EarthZyme Receives Positive Endorsement- Zapopan


Cypher Environmental’s  soil stabilizer product, EarthZyme received positive reviews from the Municipality of Zapopan, in Mexico. EarthZyme was used in the construction of the Rural Residential Development “Tierra de Dioses” and achieved excellent results on compaction and strength.

Cypher Environmental in Myanmar

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Cypher Environmental was invited to Myanmar this month to meet with the Chief Minister and other high ranking Ministers to discuss the country’s infrastructure and the rebuilding of some of the country’s major roads using Cypher’s soil stabilizer, EarthZyme. A section of rural road near Shwebo was chosen as the first demonstration site in the country. EarthZyme was applied with great results. Myanmar or officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.  The region experiences a long dry season.  Water shortages are a frequent issue across the country so UltraZyme was also looked at as a potential solution for water-related issues at various industrial applications with highly polluted wastewater streams.

An Environmentally-Friendly Soil Stabilization Product

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Unpaved roads can be dangerous to operate on and require frequent and ongoing road maintenance to upkeep. Our soil stabilization product, EarthZyme is environmentally-friendly and yields permanent results. EarthZyme applications result in improved engineering properties of treated soils, such as increased CBR values and densities, and reduced swell, permeability, dust and rolling resistance. Watch our latest video now to find out more and contact us if you have any questions.

Upcoming Event: CIM Convention TO2013

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Cypher Environmental - CIM 2013 Convention

We are excited to once again be attending the CIM Convention this year.  This annual event is the signature event of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallury and Petroleum and brings together those involved in the mining industry from around the world to learn, share and network with their peers. This year, the CIM Convention will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Over the years, the event has grown tremendously.  This year, it is expected that over 6,000 people will participate in the event over the 3 day period. The event is highly valuable for those involved in the mining industry – the technical program is available to further enhance the conference experience.  The sessions are arranged under five thematic streams so that participants can choose the topics that are most relevant for them.  The open forum concept combined with presentations from industry experts will sure add to our participation in … Read More