Soil Stabilizer for South American Coal Mine

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Columbian EarthZyme® Haul Road

Different application sites will have different requirements in a soil stabilizer. There are many factors to consider when choosing a soil stabilizer for your project. Climate, soil content and load requirements are just a few of the factors that you must examine and understand before choosing a soil stabilizer. Cypher Environmental is a global distributor of EarthZyme soil stabilizer. Our soil stabilizer has been used all around the world and we have taken great care to ensure its effectiveness across all regions.   One of our biggest projects was an EarthZyme application in Colombia – in one of South America’s largest coal mines.  The coal mine produces nearly two milling tons of coal per year, maintaining a sterile standard ration of 6 to 1.  At the time of application, the mine mobilized approximately 15 million cubic meters per year using CAT 793 trucks that have a capacity of 380 tons.  Smaller … Read More

EarthZyme for Third World Countries

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Cypher Environmental - EarthZyme for Third World Countries

The lack of existing infrastructure is very much a reality in many third world countries around the world.  This lack of infrastructure can also affect any housing or major construction projects that require access to areas without reliable roads for passage.  For many humanitarian effects in these countries, it is necessary to build new dirt roads or feeder roads from scratch or to reconstruct existing dirt roads to withstand heavier loads. Many of these areas also lacked resources for constant maintenance for roads so a sustainable solution that is also environmentally-friendly is extremely important.  The application process is also another important factor to consider when choosing the right soil stabilizer for these projects.  Because many of these regions will not readily have access to modern road construction equipment and resources, the application process can not involve equipment that cannot easily be brought in to the construction sites. Cypher’s EarthZyme soil … Read More