UltraZyme® Bioremediation with Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Salts

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Salt-Tolerant Hydrocarbon-Degrading Microbial Consortium for Rapid Bioremediation in Soils Co-Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Salts   This study shows that UltraZyme® exhibits a significant tolerance to salts up to concentrations of 10% when degradable organics are readily available in the dissolved phase. When UltraZyme® is exposed to non-aqueous phase hydrocarbons, UltraZyme®’s salt tolerance decreases to 2.5%. However, 2.5% NaCl is still within or greater than the common ranges of salt concentrations encountered in hydrocarbon and salt-contaminated soils. For cases of high-salinity petroleum-contaminated soils and groundwater, we successfully isolated hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria adapted to 10% (w/v) NaCl. Our bioremediation experiment indicated that UltraZyme® exhibited a strong capability to degrade semi-volatile F2 hydrocarbons (>C10-C16). These hydrocarbons are a common environmental concern and must be remediated in soil environments. This study additionally provides a tool for assessing and tracking hydrocarbon-degrading microbial genes for natural and engineered environmental systems. It also makes recommendations concerning the … Read More

Corbana Study Finds UltraZyme® Powder a Safe Alternative to Chemical Post Harvest Cleaners

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Mission and Vision of Corbana Corporacion Bananera Nacional:   Our mission is to contribute to national bananas by strengthening the participation of Costa Rican companies in the production and marketing of bananas. Our vision is to be the best research institution of bananas in Latin America. We aim to help maintain and improve the productivity of plantations. To maintain and improve the international image of Costa Rican bananas. Finally, our vision is to be a highly efficient organization with prompt technical assistance, research, credit and market information. CYPHER Costa Rica S.A. have been working with Corbana Corporacion Bananera Nacional to meet their goal of being a leader in banana research.  Utilizing Cypher’s UltraZyme® Powder, a comprehensive study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of UltraZyme® Powder as an environmentally safe and sustainable alternative to chemical post harvest cleaners.  This study was conducted at one of Corbana’s farms (Cartagena farm) near … Read More

UZP Corbana Project: An Environment-Friendly Solution for Optimizing Post-Harvest Crop Yields


An ever growing human population inherently means an increasing demand for food. The United Nations have estimated that by the year 2050, the world population is expected to increase to 8.9 billion: a 47% growth from the year 2000. Sustaining such growth may result in the need for land clearing expansions; the outcome of which may adversely impact our environment. A more sustainable and environment-friendly solution is to seek options for optimizing crop yields. Agricultural crops and fruits are vulnerable to climate conditions, plant-eating pests, and disease-causing pathogens, pre- and post-harvest. Chemical-based retardants such as pesticides, insecticides and fungicides have long been used to prevent crop loss in the agricultural industry. Albeit effective for plant protection, concerns surrounding the short and long term effects on human health have led to the advancement of organic farming; thus emphasizing the need for natural, non-toxic solutions. Cypher Environmental Ltd., a Canadian-based provider of … Read More