Benefits of Soil Stabilization

CypherEarthZyme, Soil Stabilization

Our past projects have taken us all around the world – and to some of the most remote regions in the world. We have seen first hand how a lack of infrastructure can become a bottleneck to progress – whether it is a key farm road in Turkey or a mine haul road in Colombia, having stable road conditions can ensure there is no unnecessary stoppage in work.  Soil stabilization takes poor quality soil and turns it into a valuable engineering material.  Coarse aggregate is quickly becoming an exhausted resource. Cost are continually increasing to either deliver the aggregate to the job sites or crust existing rock.  The poor quality soil is excavated and then replaced with the aggregate.  This increases vehicle usage, time and you would also need to dispose of the poor quality soil.  It is more cost effective to use the material that is already there, while … Read More