Cypher Environmental - UltraZyme®

How can we safely wash our produce using non-toxic and environmentally friendly inputs?

For certain fruits, extensive washing needs to be conducted prior to the produce being ready to be packaged for shipment to the grocery store. This is usually done to wash off saps, dirt and other residue to help clean the fruit and extend their shelf-life when being shipped and stored for sale at the grocery store, and normally involves the use of massive volumes of water. The naturally occurring, non GMO bacteria and enzymes contained in UltraZyme® will rapidly speed up the digestion of the contaminates on the produce, and simultaneously clean the water being used. This results in the ability to recycle major portions of the water, reduce other chemicals’ use and provide for cleaner produce, and ultimately ensure a higher quality, longer lasting product to be shipped to the market.

Cypher Environmental - UltraZyme®

How can we reduce the odour and sludge in our lagoons?

Many animal husbandry operations have lagoons that store a variety of animal wastes in liquid form. These lagoons can be plagued with foul odours, sludge build up and eventual poor effluent quality. UltraZyme® can be introduced to almost any lagoon system to speed up the overall efficiency of these lagoons. The natural action of the bacteria speeds up the digestion of the organic contaminates held within the lagoon, and results in very minimal noxious gas production, reducing nuisance odours as well. Overall, after sustained treatment, lagoons treated with UltraZyme® will have better quality effluent, posing less of a risk of further downstream effects, such as the release of water with too high BOD and COD levels.

Cypher Environmental - Dust Stop® Municipal Blend

How can we reduce the impact of road dust on roadside vegetation on farmers’ fields?

Studies have suggested that a car driving down one mile of road, once a day for one year, can lead to one ton of dust being deposited 500 feet on either side of the road median. This dust can coat the leaves of agricultural crops, leading to a reduction in photosynthesis and reduced crop yields, lending to the need for an effective dust suppressant. Traditional chloride based road dust suppressants can be quite corrosive, and have actually been labeled as toxic, as per section 64 of the 1999 CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act). Therefore they can be quite harmful to roadside vegetation. Dust Stop® Municipal Blend was designed as a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorides for road dust control, while being very competitively priced, having no negative impact on surrounding crops whatsoever.

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