Dust Stop® Powder

What is Dust Stop® Powder?

Dust Stop® Powder’s concentrated powder form allows for easy and cost-effective transportation and storage as compared to traditional highly diluted dust suppressant products. The organic composure of Dust Stop® Powder provides for the pinnacle of environmental properties, not possessed by many competitive products on the market today, yet it achieves this status without compromising its dust control and erosion control results. Dust Stop® Powder is mixed with water and applied topically to the desired material. Once the film dries on the surface it provides lasting dust control results by binding all the soil materials together. The product is non-corrosive and won’t harm the vehicles using the treated roads or the equipment used to apply Dust Stop®. Yet as can be assumed, since it can be used as an additive for hydro seeding, it is not harmful at all to vegetation of any kind.

The film that Dust Stop® Powder produces is completely transparent, meaning that the dust control application will not alter the appearance of the treated material. Because the product is organic, it can be used in the most sensitive environments without having any detrimental effects on the surrounding ecosystem whatsoever.

One great advantage that Dust Stop® Powder has is that the film it produces is slightly soluble, so it can be re-wet and therefore can get rejuvenated during the rain, making it an effective solution for both long periods of wet and dry weather. Therefore even though Dust Stop® is based on natural ingredients, it produces lasting dust and erosion control results. The product is best used for applications requiring erosion control of slopes, stockpiles, tailings piles, horse riding arenas and other environmentally sensitive applications. Because Dust Stop® Powder is organic and can retain some moisture it is even great for an additive into hydro-seeding applications to produce long term erosion control results.

Dust Stop® Powder Benefits

  • Product passes (100%) the Pass/Fail Acute, 96 Hour, LC 50 Test (test subject **Oncorhynchus mykiss)
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Highly resistant to breakdown by UV rays and soil microbes
  • Lasts over 6 months on non-trafficked areas
  • Works on any soil / sand / aggregate type
  • Applicable via water truck / tanker provided there are recirculating / agitating capabilities
  • Concentrated powder form
  • Minimum 3 year shelf life
  • Available in 25 lb bags
  • Canadian made product
  • Nonhazardous to vegetation and aquatic life / wildlife
  • Non-corrosive
  • Fire resistant
  • Derived from food grade sources

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