Cypher’s Experience at Extemin 2015

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Our team at Cypher Environmental Ltd. really enjoyed our experiences meeting with old and new customers at Extemin 2015, in Arequipa, Peru last week. Claimed to be the largest mining trade show in South America, our soil stabilization and dust control solutions were a popular topic at the event due to the high demand for sustainable technologies to assist in the better construction and management of the vast network of haul roads and access roads in the Peruvian mining industry. We attended the show in partnership with our distributors in Peru, Informes y Soluciones S.A.C., and were both very excited about forging new partnerships as a result of all the great connections that we made. Many of those connections were developed as a result of the great matchmaking program we took part in, spearheaded by EDC (Export Development Canada). The EDC matchmaking meetings really solidified our investment in participating in … Read More

College Receives Research Grant to Continue Partnership With Cypher Environmental on Solutions for Dust Control

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Cypher Environmental - Red River College

Red River College has received a $65,000 research grant to continue product development work with a local company specializing in environmental solutions for dust control. The Applied Research and Development (ARD) grant — awarded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) — will allow RRC’s faculty researchers, staff and students to collaborate with Cypher Environmental staff to continue development and testing of Dust Stop, their dust control and dust suppression product. This project will significantly enhance R&D capacity at RRC by engaging staff in a challenging multi-disciplinary area of research. The knowledge and experience generated will enrich curricula and teaching in different departments at the College; student engagement will contribute to new applied learning and expose students to real life experiences. Through the National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Cypher has been working with RRC researchers from Civil Technology (Neil Chandler) and Life Sciences (Aman … Read More

Cypher Environmental, the Only Manitoba Company at Extemin 2015!

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Cypher would like to extend the invite to any attending companies at Extemin, 2015, in Arequipa Peru, to come visit us at booth 399. It is an honour that Cypher Environmental is the only Manitoba based company attending Extemin this year, which is the largest mining trade show and conference in South America. It will host close to 900 exhibitors and brings over 5,000 experts and senior executives from the main mining corporations of Latin America. Due to increasing regulation and enforcement of environmental policies in Peru, the demand for environmental mining solutions such as technologies to reduce energy consumption, reduced emissions, develop more sustainable infrastructure and improved water treatment are all at the forefront of the needs of the large number of operating mines in Peru. Therefore the soil stabilization, dust control and water remediation solutions provided by Cypher are of high relevance to the audience attending Extemin. Due … Read More

Cypher Environmental Ltd. Has Been Nominated as a Finalist for the MBiz Awards!

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Cypher Environmental - MBiz Awards Gala

It is with great pleasure that we announce Cypher Environmental Ltd. has been nominated as one of only three finalists for the MBiz awards, selected and organized by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce! Cypher has been nominated for the Manitoba Small Business of the Year for 2015 and is certainly very proud to be one of the finalists. It is no doubt due to the unique innovation that we continue to dive into head first, that has made us noticed in our community and chosen as a potential winner for this award. Cypher is currently involved in seven unique research projects, all involving innovation at the grass roots level to help develop and perfect new environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to some of the world’s common problems today. The Brandon University rural road soil stabilization and dust control project, discussed in our latest news post, is a perfect example. It … Read More

Cypher Environmental Announces Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Project With Brandon University

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Cypher Environmental - Curries Landing

Cypher Environmental is pleased to announce a recent undertaking of a soil stabilization and dust control related research project, jointly funded by Brandon University and Cypher Environmental. The project involves a very detailed look in the lab at the improved engineering properties of clay soils with EarthZyme and Dust Stop, as well as an evaluation of 3 miles of roads being built with EarthZyme and Dust Stop in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Cornwallis, just outside the City of Brandon, Manitoba. There is a critical need for better construction techniques and stabilization of unpaved roads throughout rural and Northern Manitoba as well as across the country.  The current project is aimed at providing a low cost and sustainable solution to these problems through the use of cheaper clay-rich aggregates and non-toxic organic catalysts, EarthZyme soil stabilization and Dust Stop dust control solution, that cause high-density packing and strong semi-permanent bonding … Read More

The Second Experience Exchanging Forum of Mining Investment 2015

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Cypher Environmental - STS Instruments Co.

From June 26 – 27, 2015, the Beijing Xijiao Hotel, in Beijing China, was host to The Second Experience Exchanging Forum of Mining Investment 2015. Only 20 speakers were invited to present during the two-day forum, which focused on the “Silk Road Economic Belt”, not on its ancient historical background, but on the current pivotal role it plays in the geological industry in China and the surrounding areas. The forum specifically focused on mining investment in the area, and on the growing Chinese investment overseas, and some of the technologies being utilized by Chinese mines to give them a competitive advantage in the market. One of the speakers that was chosen to present at the event was the CEO of Beijing STS Instrument Co., Frank Wang. He was asked to speak about Cyper Environmental’s EarthZyme solution and to focus on the competitive advantages that EarthZyme provides to the minerals industry. … Read More

Philippine Delegation Trade Mission – Cypher Presents

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Cypher Environmental - Philippine Delegation

The week of June 8 – 19, 2015, a Philippine delegation came to Canada to visit with several Canadian companies that possess technologies that may be relevant and in demand in the Philippine market. The trade mission visited Winnipeg on Friday, June 19 and spent several hours touring the new Manitoba Hydro building and other Winnipeg landmarks. The day ended by spending the afternoon at the World Trade Center Winnipeg, where a few local companies were invited to make presentations on ‎the green products and services they have available for export. One of the Winnipeg headquartered companies that was invited to present was Cypher Environmental, due to the high relevance of the solutions Cypher has to offer to help solve some of the common everyday problems in the Philippines. As a country located in the tropical area of East Asia, the Philippines is plagued with a significant ‎rainy season, which … Read More

Excerpts from the article ‘Tires and Roads, An Uphill Haul’

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Cypher Environmental - Tires and Roads, An Uphill Haul

Excerpts from the article ‘Tires and Roads, An Uphill Haul’, as posted in International Mining – May 2015. Paul Moore looks at the oversupply situation in the global mining tire market… It is certainly all changed from the days of mining tire shortages and crises. In the current market, the big names like Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear had upped capacity to address previous shortages, but these increases took a while to come online. At the same time, the current mining downturn has meant lower demand for large tires, especially in coal where due to low coal prices a number of coalmines have closed or have been idled. This has all led to a situation where there is definitely more supply than demand as the market is saturated with both bias ply and brand name radial OTR (Off the Road) tires. The hope is that once end user and dealer inventories … Read More

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Trade Show & Conference

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Cypher Environmental - The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Cypher Environmental recently participated in the CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) Trade Show and Conference to showcase the wide range of environmental mining solutions they offer. As usual, Cypher had one of the busiest booths at the show as their sustainable technologies are in high demand to help meet the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs of mining companies around the world. CIM is a conference largely focused on Canadian mining, but there tends to be a growing international presence as Canadian technologies continue to play a pivotal role in the advancement of green mining. So much so, that at the event, Cypher’s President, Todd Burns, was invited to speak at the upcoming CAMESE (Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export) Green Mining Innovation Action Committee workshop in Sudbury, on June 17th, 2015. Pictured below is the General Director of Canmet Mining, Dr. Magdi Habib, who … Read More

Cypher Invited to Participate in the Latest IMII Event

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Cypher Environmental - International Minerals Innovation Institute

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is a unique industry-government-post-secondary education and research institution partnership jointly funded by industry and government. The Institute is a catalyst to developing industry-driven education and conducts industry-driven research and development to address several emerging issues in the mining industry. A major focus of the IMII’s initiatives is to not only to develop innovative technologies to help grow the mining industry, but also to help spur innovation that will help promote environmentally friendly solutions for the mining industry. As a result, Cypher Environmental was invited to participate in the latest IMII event on Friday, April 17, 2015 to help introduce the green mining solutions that Cypher has developed for the mining industry to the IMII members. Cypher Environmental has developed several green mining products such as our Dust Stop dust control solution, our Earthzyme soil stabilization treatment, and our Ultrazyme water treatment technology. Research and … Read More