Canada-China Green Mining Innovation Workshop

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Canada-China Green Mining Innovation Workshop - Cypher Environmental

On March 4th, 2013, Cypher Environmental was asked to give a presentation at the Canada-China Green Mining Innovation Workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Natural Resources Canada Minerals and Metals Sector to improve communication between Canada and China to improve green practices in the mining sector and to promote mutually beneficial business partnerships between the two countries. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is available for download.

Cypher Environmental at the PDAC2013

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PDAC 2013 - Cypher Environmental

We are looking forward to attending the PDAC2013 International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange – Mining Investment Show.  This annual 4-day event is held in Toronto every year and this year’s show will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre -South Building from March 3rd to 6th, 2013. Since it’s inception in 1932, this event has grown substantially in size, stature, attendance and influence.  Today, the event is the event of choice for the world’s mineral industry.  Last year’s event attracted over 30,000 attendees from 125 countries around the world with over 1,000 exhibitors representing every facet of the mining industry. PDAC 2013 is an unique opportunity to meet with others in the mining industry as well as to showcase Cypher’s many environmentally-friendly solutions for the mining industry.  We are looking forward to being part of this valuable event again and look forward to meeting you there!  

Cypher Dust Stop Products as Compared to Road Salts

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Road Salts - Cypher Environmental

While there are a variety of competitive products on the market, especially here in North America, most do no possess the same environmental qualities that our Cypher Dust Stop products can attest to.  Other alternatives in the product category are road salts, more specifically and primarily Magnesium Chloride, followed closely by Calcium Chloride, both of which are highly corrosive products. The main attraction to these products is their low cost, which is admittedly lower than the options Cypher provides. However as time goes on and environmental issues become more and more in public view, customers are more willing to pay a slight premium for an environmentally / non-corrosive product. Advantages of Dust Stop Over Road Salt Products Studies have shown that de-icing salt damage is not limited to areas immediately adjoining roadways but also to architectural metals and other construction materials.  Seasonal de-icing salt accumulations have been documented to affect areas up to … Read More

The Trouble with Road Dust

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Dusty Roads - Cypher Environmental

As of 2003, as much as 70% of the 3.9 million miles of roadway in the United States were unpaved. These unpaved roads are responsible for more than 10 million tons of particulate matter emissions each year. There are dangers to unwanted fugitive dust -these particles can become lodge in the respiratory area where they can cause severe irritation when inhaled. Smaller particles (particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller) can go even deeper into the human respiratory system and into the lungs where they can cause damage to the epithelial cells. These small particles may even be passed into the blood stream. Aside from health concerns for those living near or come into contact with unpaved roads, there are also impact to the surrounding environment and ecosystem.  Water clarity can decline, which affects the wildlife and plant life that depend on the water source. Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop products … Read More

Cypher Environmental at The Purple Party

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The Purple Party - Cypher Environmental

Saturday, November 17th was The Purple Party, a fundraiser to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Research and Awareness. Not only was our team proud to support such a great cause, we had a great time too!  Here are a few photos from the evening. For more photos, visit our Facebook page.   Visit our Facebook page for more photos!

Proud to Support the Purple Party in Support of Pancreatic Cancer Research & Awareness

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The Purple Party - Cypher Environmental

At Cypher Environmental, corporate social responsibility is one of our core objectives.  Not only do we strive to create and distribute products that are friendly to the environment, we are also deeply committed to the issues of health, wellness and education in all the communities in which we operate. For a third consecutive year, Cypher Environmental is proud to support The Purple Party – in support of Pancreatic Cancer research and awareness, happening on November 17th, 2012.  All proceeds from the event will go to Pancreatic Cancer Canada for research and awareness efforts. It is our hope that new and better ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer will be discovered through research and the quality of life for those living with this disease can be improved. Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in Canada and every year, about 4000 Canadians will be diagnosed.  Pancreatic cancer … Read More

Dust Stop Featured on Article


Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop was featured on in an article about dust suppressants and the environment.  Read the article below or see the feature here. New Dust Control Formula Also Helps the Environment A new formula recently produced for dust control on unpaved roads and mine sites has been made in a super concentrated blend that offers significant environmental benefits. Dust Stop is a 100% environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable, one-of product produced by Winnipeg-based Cypher Environmental Ltd.  It comes in powder form, meaning that less energy and gas are required to both transport and apply the product.  Used in some of the world’s largest mines, Dust Stop superior dust control ability means less toxic particulate matter gets emitted into the atmosphere.  Dust-caused trucking and heavy equipment accidents are now a thing of the past – and worker and mechanical downtime are severely reduced. Unpaved haul roads, no matter what the soil type, … Read More