Cypher Environmental looks to broaden its export reach to the world

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While it is well known that Cypher Environmental exports its dust control and soil stabilization products globally, it is lesser known that the company also employs a diverse range of team members with origins from all over the world.  One of those being Cypher’s current Production Manager, Joseph Kurgat, who came to Canada less than two years ago from Kenya, and already has an important position with the organization.  Team members such as Joseph are not in the spotlight as often as some of the senior members of Cypher, but its important to remember that all members of the team make valuable contributions that enable the company to grow and service its constantly expanding list of customers and distributors worldwide. With the Canadian Government also expanding its list of Trade Agreements such as the CPTPP, opportunities for Canadian exporters such as Cypher also continue to expand, making it vital for … Read More

Canadian Minister of International Trade Makes Announcement at Cypher Headquarters

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The Honourable Jim Carr, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre and the Canadian Minister of International Trade Diversification, visited Cypher’s headquarters in Winnipeg on Monday, April 15th, to make an announcement regarding the re-opening of a regional Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) office in Winnipeg, servicing the Prairie Provinces. The office will be located in Winnipeg’s downtown area and will see over $3 million CAD invested throughout a 5-year period. This will add to the current 160 trade offices around the world and will give local companies better access to federal services that give Canadian companies a leg up on exporting into new and existing markets.   Cypher was chosen to host the event due to the significant engagement already had with Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. As a prime example of the type of companies that should be leveraging the TCS, Cypher already exports its … Read More

Cypher Environmental benefits growth due to support from the TCS

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Cypher Environmental is proud to being one of the quickest emerging players in the global cleantech market, in terms of road stabilization, road dust control products and wastewater remediation technologies.  With a focus rooted in innovation, product development and R&D, the company needed a strategy to help take these products to the global marketplace.  Cypher has developed a vast distribution network covering a range of countries and territories all over the world.  However, in doing so, a great amount of due diligence and resources were required to ensure that Cypher was dealing with the right partners on the ground in various regions globally.   Canadian exporters are lucky to have a support system in place that can offer strategic assistance to companies such as Cypher that are looking to enter new markets.  The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), a division of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is one of them.  The … Read More

2018 MSTA Canada / CCAfrica Annual Forum

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For the first time ever, the Mining Suppliers Trade Association of Canada and the Canadian Council on Africa teamed up for their annual forum.  Held at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, Ontario, on November 20th & 21st, the focus of the event was Creative Disruption.  The Forum showcased mining companies and suppliers that are disrupting the industry with new ideas, new technologies and new collaborative relationships.  The result was some great discussion over the two day period, with a lot of positive energy and focus towards making positive changes in mining.               Featured guest speakers such as Fred Stanford – President and CEO of Torex Gold Resources, and Enrique Molina, Director of Innovation for EXPANDE – Fundación Chile highlighted adoption of new innovation in the mining industry.  Amongst them, Cypher’s President Todd Burns was asked to take the stage, twice.  On day one, … Read More

Cypher Environmental and Brandon University’s, Dr. Hamid Mumin and Team Recognized for Research Efforts

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To highlight the Anniversary of over 50 Brandon University (BU) researchers and several grad students being featured in the Research Connection section that is published regularly throughout the academic year,  and the 50th year of BU chartering as a University, a collected edition of Research Connections were published in the “It’s All Happening at BU” magazine. The article features the ongoing research being conducted in partnership between Cypher Environmental and Dr. Hamid Mumin and his research team.  Read for yourself, the ongoing efforts to engineer and design roads in Canada using local clay- rich materials and how the continued research is putting an end to dangerous road conditions on unpaved roads. We are pleased to have a positive, ongoing relationship with secondary institutes such as Brandon University and thank them for the professional and in depth work they have done and continue to conduct. CLICK HERE or on the link … Read More

Our Recent Visit to China – Thoughts from our President, Todd Burns, on his recent visit to China to attend the 2018 China Mining Show.

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“2018 brought a lot of new experiences for Cypher and me, one of which was a visit to the 2018 China Mining Show in Tianjin, October 18 – 20.  We have a great distributor in China, Beijing RoadPlus, who attends the show regularly, and while I have been to China on several occasions, this year was my first visit to the mining conference.  Its great to see how the industry has rebounded since the collapse of coal prices in 2015, clearly seen by the attendance and excitement of the exhibitors and delegates present at the show. What was even greater to see was the comradery of the team at RoadPlus!  The way the entire team rallied around this event, and the teamwork in which they exhibited, was remarkable.  No doubt impacted by the great vision of their leader, CEO of Beijing RoadPlus, Frank Wang (王胜利).  I can say without bias, … Read More

Joint Project Between Red River College and Cypher Environmental Showcased at Notre Dame Campus

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In 2016 Cypher unveiled its most recent road stabilization and dust control product, known as Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB).  The product formula was produced in a joint Applied Research Project, with the help of NSERC & IRAP and involved significant in-kind contribution from Cypher, and involvement by students and faculty from the college.  The overwhelmingly successful result has been a product that was commercialized in 2017, and has now been sold and applied in over 20 countries worldwide. Red River College (RRC) is going through some significant expansion, with new buildings being erected in downtown Winnipeg, as well as at the Notre Dame campus.  One of those being the Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre that has many sustainable strategies incorporated and is used for transportation training and educational facility that was built to respond to operational challenges, keep pace with industry growth, and attract quality applicants and educators to Red … Read More

Research on UltraZyme Hydrocarbon Published in the Journal of Environmental Engineering

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  A recent study conducted by the University of Alberta, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was published in the Journal of Environmental Engineering, which showcased the use of Cypher’s UltraZyme Hydrocarbon product to remediate oil sands tailings.  Oil sands consist of a mixture of sand, water, clay and bitumen, and in Canada the deposits that are the largest and most widely developed are known as the Athabasca Oil Sands.  Although the most technologically advanced processes in the world are used to extract these Oil Sands deposits, there remains an accumulation of 1,075 million m^3 of tailings – enough to fill 430,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!  The research conducted by the U of A using UltraZyme has shown promising advances in the steps being taken to improve the processes involved in the remediation and recycling of these tailings. The tailings being generated by the Athabasca Oil Sands can be generally … Read More

EarthZyme and Dust Stop Municipal Blend Studied by the Colombian National Roads Institute (INVIAS) for Country-wide Approval

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A 1 km demonstration section of road using EarthZyme and Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB) was recently built near Valencia, Cordoba, Colombia in a joint project between Cypher Environmental, Roadcorp, the University of Antioquia and The Colombian Ministry of Transportation. The University of Antioquia was tasked to independently study the road for the Ministry, as well as conduct simultaneous lab analysis of how EarthZyme and DSMB impact the engineering properties of the materials in the road. Other government entities in Colombia that are stakeholders in this project include INVIAS (The National Roads Institute) and the State Government of Cordoba, who generously provided the equipment for this project. It was also supported by COOVICOM, and Alcaldia de Valencia, who produced a great video during the construction process, that can be viewed below.   This study is being conducted to investigate new techniques and technologies to assist with the better construction and … Read More

Cypher Launches Road Management Video Focussing on Rural Municipalities

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The City of Brandon - Cypher Environmental

In an effort to raise awareness of our eco-friendly and cost-effective haul road management solutions in the Rural Municipality sector, Cypher Environmental has produced a new promotional video—showcasing several of the municipalities involved with many of our dust control and soil stabilization projects in Canada over the past year. Our solutions have been proven to help our rural municipalities address the ecological footprint, maintenance costs and durability issues associated with haul road management. Since the recent development of Dust Stop® Municipal Blend—our most cost-effective product to date—we have seen a substantial increase in the attention of municipalities from all over the country. Due to the decreased road maintenance requirements and simple application procedure, municipalities have been able to divert their attention from high-maintenance unpaved roads to other pressing matters, with peace-of-mind. We would like to acknowledge and give our thanks for the continued support from The Rural Municipality of Cornwallis, … Read More