5 Tips to Put into Practice for World Water Day

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Did you know that a recent case study by one of our international mining clients suggested an 85% reduction in water consumption for dust control after using Dust Stop? That equates to millions of liters of water saved annually! We are very proud to be able to support our clients in their water reduction goals through the use of our technologies, and what better time to share this than World Water Day!  It’s World Water Day and we want to share tips on how everyone can help to reduce the environmental impacts of regular water usage in our day-to-day lives. Become aware of your water usage at home. Little things can add up to big changes. Not letting the tap run while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and installing low flow products throughout your home help to reduce water usage, as well as your water bill. Learn about your … Read More

Company Response to COVID-19

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As we wade into these unprecedented times during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking steps to help flatten the curve by requiring all team members to work from home who are able. We hope this will not only help to slow the spread regionally, but as a major international exporter, we want to set the example for other businesses worldwide and to encourage them to follow suit. While it is too early to say what impact this will have on our organization, we understand the global implications that will be had if we do not take action, so we are implementing this new policy to support social distancing and are trying to have a positive impact in our community, for our country and for the planet as a whole. The health, safety and security of our team members, family, friends and our distribution partners worldwide are of utmost importance … Read More

EarthZyme Assessment by ENG-TECH

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Recently, Cypher Environmental retained ENG-TECH to provide a study to develop a design method and investigate the cost-effectiveness of the application of Cypher’s road stabilization product, EarthZyme, versus the conventional municipal grid road reconstruction and maintenance. ENG-TECH specializes in providing geotechnical and environmental engineering, and materials testing services. The completed report found that the EarthZyme constructed road required less maintenance, provided improved performance and the capital cost was 12% less than a conventionally constructed road.  This cost-savings would allow the government or municipality to build 12% more road with 25% less gravel, or allocate that money and resources to other areas. EarthZyme has been utilized in road applications across the world. Our road stabilization product is made up of enzymes, electrolytes, and surfactants that work with the clay component of the road material to increase stability. The road then becomes denser and the clay binds together to increase the CBR … Read More

Our experience at Indaba

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2020 was our 5th year at Investing in African Mining Indaba, the largest mining event in Africa. Opportunities like Mining Indaba allow African and global mining partners to connect and create innovative solutions that shape the industry. We decided to make 2020 our biggest year at Mining Indaba yet! In the past, we never had any booth or presence at Mining Indaba besides our representatives walking around the show and networking. Mining Indaba has an amazing matchmaking platform where you can see every mining company, delegate, sponsor, etc., that’s going to be at the event. The platform allows you to book meetings and share your value proposition. This adds a lot of value to Mining Indaba if you don’t have a booth because you still have an opportunity to meet with many people and schedule meetings before you even get there. With Cypher Environmental’s growing success, a strong team in … Read More

Meet our Senior Vice President of Business Development

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Our SVP of Business Development, Andrew Lindsay, is one of those guys that are easy to connect with. If you don’t know much about engineering or solving environmental issues, you can talk to him about boating, his need for speed, home renovations, or living in a house full of women with his wife and three daughters — can you say, dance dad? He’s also a very nice guy. He raised over $70,000 for local charities by putting on Christmas lighting shows with his brother, which landed him multiple job offers. He decided to finish school first and graduated with honours in Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology diplomas. Andrew landed a job at an automation company doing controls engineering and teaching robots how to weld automotive frames etc., which then led to a new job as the VP of Engineering and Technology Development for a company developing fuel-saving technologies using Hydrogen … Read More

DSMB on the Antucoya Mine Haul Road

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Located in the Antofagasta region, the Antucoya mine is a low-grade porphyry copper deposit. The mine is located in the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world. Anything that can help save water is very important to the mine. Antucoya uses 100% seawater in all of its processes, making it an efficient and innovative business model, however, desalination is extremely expensive. These high expenses call for a cost-saving technology that can be used to save water, like Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop.  Antofagasta Minerals is one of the world’s top copper miners. In 2018, the Antucoya mine produced 72,200 tons of fine copper. The site is a regional mining enterprise and employs more than 1,900 workers. Their goal is to use resources in the best possible way. Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop was used on a trial at the Antucoya mine where we scored exceptionally well. Below, you will find the … Read More

Why is our Name Cypher Environmental?

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Cypher: a secret way of writing; a code. It’s no secret that we’ve found a cost-effective way to control dust and stabilize soil, but that code is always changing to be more innovative. Cypher Environmental has been our name for over a decade, and our motivation behind the name has stayed the same.  The word “environmental” is in our name for a reason. Our commitment to the environment starts at our head office and extends across the globe with our distributors. All of our products are composed of natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients, but we’re also creating solutions to a lot of environmental problems that exist in the world today.  Here are five solutions to help save the environment at work:  Reduce water consumption by using Dust Stop to control dust Many mining companies operate 24/7 and only use water for dust control. Depending on the climate and the current temperature, … Read More

Road Stabilization in Manitoba – Curries Landing Update

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Curries Landing 2015 In 2015, Cypher Environmental took on a joint project with Brandon University to improve the engineering properties of clay soils using EarthZyme. The scope of the project also included an evaluation of three miles of roads treated with EarthZyme in the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis — just outside Brandon, Manitoba. The idea for this project stemmed from the need for better construction techniques and stabilization of unpaved roads in Manitoba and across the country. The goal was to provide a low-cost, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution by using affordable, clay-rich aggregates and non-toxic, organic catalysts. EarthZyme and Dust Stop were the solution. When used together, roads are compacted to a  high-density and are bonded with strong, semi-permanent clay-aggregate mixtures. This lead to durable roads that only require light maintenance, as compared to traditional high-maintenance unpaved roads. The success of this project was a breakthrough in techniques available … Read More

Decrease Your OPEX Using Dust Stop and EarthZyme

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Operating expenses add up quickly.  While Cypher Environmental’s products were made with the environment in mind, we know that cutting costs is an important part of running a business. That’s why our products are designed not only to help reduce environmental footprint but also help reduce operating costs for our industrial clients with heavily used roads, such as mine haul roads. EarthZyme works to stabilize your roads, while Dust Stop controls dust generated by the road and provides stabilization properties as a side effect. When you use one or both products you can reduce your expenses significantly.  Businesses are constantly being squeezed by increased expenses, so controlling your costs is of growing importance.  Here are a few examples of ways to decrease your operating costs by using our products! 1. Reduce your rolling resistance by operating on stabilized roads Harder roads with less deflection can mean getting from point A … Read More

With You Today, And Down The Road

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Cypher Environmental is continually working on progress because we know that’s what you need from us. We’re proud of our growth and successes, but we thought it was time to make our values, vision, and purpose clear to our staff and audience with fresh branding that represent our modern views. Our company is constantly evolving, changing and growing, so we would like to introduce our new logo:    Metric Marketing designed this logo to perfectly represent Cypher Environmental. Based on colour theory, green is generally associated with nature, while also symbolizing growth and harmony. Using green in Cypher Environmental’s colour palette helps communicate their promise to better the world by supplying “green” products worldwide. Green is also emotionally tied to the feeling of safety, which is a big concern when Cypher is choosing the environmentally friendly materials their products are made from.  The colour green is also associated with reliability … Read More