2019 Annual Distributors’ Meeting

Cypher EnvironmentalNews

After a successful launch in Mexico in 2018, this year we decided to invite our distributors to our home base in Winnipeg, Manitoba for our 2nd Annual Distributors Meeting to bring everyone together and share best practices and ideas, build our relationships and offer some insight into our upcoming initiatives.



At Cypher Environmental, our primary driver for growth is innovation. It’s essential not only to tell our distributors how and why we develop our products, but also show them. We want our distributors to gain knowledge of our products, how they work, and how they are designed. Our hope is that they will develop a deep understanding of how to use them correctly to get the best return on investment for their customers.   

Often our distributors deal with one person at CE, but our team relies on each other to run smoothly. Although we are not a family-run business, we share the family philosophy: we are all there for each other to share and cheer on successes and help problem solve challenges — we want our distributors to feel like they have the same support from us.

With guests from across the globe, we had a chance to network, introduce our team, and show our friends from other parts of Canada, Australia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nigeria, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Guinea, Ghana, China, Romania, Russia, Finland, and Mongolia a little bit of what Canada has to offer.


This week is about educating our distributors about our business, products, and team, but we also focus on having fun — which is why we greeted our guests with a Goldeyes game! 

The first official day of the meeting, we headed out to tour a couple of successful road projects in our province, followed by a presentation by Dr. Mumin from Brandon University. Our guests got a real look at third-party research done by a non-stakeholder of Cypher Environmental — one of our examples of showing our distributors instead of just telling them.

Day two and three, we gathered at another great Manitoba educational centre: Red River College. Dr. Christine Watson told an engaging story of how Cypher Environmental and Red River College have grown together and leveraged each other’s strengths to foster growth.  Frank Wang (Wang Shengli), CEO of RoadPlus, shared an emotional and inspiring presentation of going from rags to riches, losing it all, and then rebuilding again by devoting his life to the promotion of Cypher products in China.

After a tour of the Cypher Environmental facility, we held an incredible reception at Prairie 360 with other prominent business leaders from Winnipeg.  Our city has a fantastic community and level of engagement that we were proud to show off to our guests. 

In our final days, we seized an opportunity to bond in nature on the M.S. Kenora. We hosted an all-day cabin party at Lake of the Woods. The crew enjoyed Canada’s wilderness on the dock with special appearances from snapping turtles, bald eagles, loons, beavers, fish, crawfish and many other Canadian creatures.

The Cypher team showed our distributors our favourite pastimes like tubing, wakeboarding, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing and a real Canadian shore lunch from Bob’s Burgers. The day featured a jam session by a few of the Cypher team members with Darryl on the guitar and Frank from China on lead vocals.

Overall, it was a hugely successful week. Our global partners are engaging in innovative projects and propelling our products forward into new markets. It’s incredible to realize we have a small army of friends around the world all working together on the same initiatives. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Annual Distributors Meeting!