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At Cypher Environmental, we’re driven to create innovative products that improve project safety, operational efficiencies, and your bottom line. EarthZyme® is a high quality, lasting soil stabilizer with a lot of other benefits — like saving money. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on operating expenses, create a safer work environment, deliver lasting results, and help the environment, then EarthZyme® is for you.

What is EarthZyme®?

EarthZyme® is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-term soil stabilization solution made specifically for high clay content materials.

Cypher Environmental created EarthZyme® to improve the engineering properties of the road and soil by increasing the density and California Bearing Ratio (CBR), which further reduces permeability and swell.

How does EarthZyme® work?

The combination of enzymes, electrolytes and surfactants in EarthZyme® work by acting on the clay component from the soil and releases water to create a more compacted road. EarthZyme® manipulates the clay to bind the materials permanently, which increases the road strength, wear resistance, and endurance of the road.

After applying EarthZyme®, the clay particles in the soil are no longer attracted to water, allowing for any water in the soil to drain away freely.

The initial curing time for EarthZyme® is seven days, but continues for 28 days. Once compaction has started, traffic can use the road simultaneously — safety permitting. The road will benefit from traffic, which provides additional compaction.

What are the benefits of EarthZyme®?

Increased and lasting compaction on clay-based materials.

  • Reduced dust on roads and construction site after using EarthZyme®
  • Improved visibility on construction sites due to reduced dust generation after treatment.
  • Reduced risk of occupational diseases and potential safety hazards or accidents due to the high concentration of dust and dust-raising.
  • Proven environmentally friendly and non-toxic to roadside vegetation.
  • More durable road surface during and after wet weather.
  • Requires only conventional construction equipment for application.
  • Improved surficial roughness.
  • Applied easily through standard water spraying equipment.
  • Displayed positive results from many third-party lab tests, showing enhanced engineering properties after EarthZyme treatment.
  • Minimized future rutting and erosion of the subgrade, base and running surface materials.
  • Roads performed better in wet weather and during spring break up.
  • Biodegradable in 28 days, but provides lasting effects of stabilization – one application lasts for years.

How does EarthZyme® save my company money?

  • Use in-situ materials over traditional materials like aggregate and gravel.
  • Achieve long-term maintenance reductions from increased and lasting compaction of clay-based soils.
  • Vehicles using the treated road consume less fuel due to reduced deflection of the stabilized surface.
  • Use conventional construction equipment instead of specialized equipment.
  • Decrease long-term maintenance.
  • Gain longer roadway life to serve traffic during and following construction.
  • Save by shipping an extremely concentrated solution and dilute on site.

How is EarthZyme® applied?

Rip pavement to the desired treatment depth.
Pre-dilute EarthZyme® and apply to soil with a standard water truck as early as possible until you reach the Optimum Moisture Content (OMC). Even distribution of EarthZyme® is essential for consistency and soil stabilization.
Mix EarthZyme® with a road reclaimer, blade mixer or similar machinery.

Visit Cypher Environmental for further details, or contact us here for detailed application instructions and helpful tips.

What are third-party reports saying about EarthZyme®?

Metropolitan District of Quito Work Report

Over 90% of the densities were achieved the same day of the application with a single pass over of a vibrating compactor and compressor machine.

During the constructive process of stabilization, no generated negative impact was made to the environment, because the product used, EarthZyme is 100% environmentally safe.
The results present a net saving of approximately 28% (from using EarthZyme and opposed to conventional technology)

Shenhua Open-pit Coal Mine Work Report

After the construction of EarthZyme® road, the fuel consumption of trucks decreased by 17.4%.
The onsite dust in the pit decreased more than 60%, significantly reducing the concentration of dust on the production site, improving the visibility of the site; thereby reducing the risk of occupational diseases and potential safety hazards or accidents due to the high concentration of dust and dust-raising.
After one year of the field trial, it has been proved that the strength, flatness and other indicators of the EarthZyme® road are all satisfactory.

Tetra Tech Review

EarthZyme® was recommended as the preferred proprietary product to stabilize the subgrade for several reasons, including; 1) its applicability to the site soils 2) the significant amount of research into the product, and it’s used to stabilize haul roads throughout the world, 3) EarthZyme® stabilized soils are used as the primary riding surface without the need to place gravel, and 4) EarthZyme® is cost effective when compared to other products.
Treating the existing subgrade soils with EarthZyme® will increase the strength of the subgrade soils by a factor of 2 to 4 or greater, depending on the per cent saturation of the subgrade.
ALS Laboratories Group

EarthZyme® was added to municipal drinking water, and aside from turning slightly brown, no harm came to the rainbow trout on toxicity reports.

For more information on EarthZyme ®, including frequently asked questions and customer support, visit Cypher Environmental here.