Cypher Environmental looks to broaden its export reach to the world

Cypher EnvironmentalNews

While it is well known that Cypher Environmental exports its dust control and soil stabilization products globally, it is lesser known that the company also employs a diverse range of team members with origins from all over the world.  One of those being Cypher’s current Production Manager, Joseph Kurgat, who came to Canada less than two years ago from Kenya, and already has an important position with the organization.  Team members such as Joseph are not in the spotlight as often as some of the senior members of Cypher, but its important to remember that all members of the team make valuable contributions that enable the company to grow and service its constantly expanding list of customers and distributors worldwide.

With the Canadian Government also expanding its list of Trade Agreements such as the CPTPP, opportunities for Canadian exporters such as Cypher also continue to expand, making it vital for companies to be well positioned with the right team members to ensure this expansion does not impact day to day business operations.  See below for a great article written by the Canadian government on Cypher’s strategy to capitalize on opportunities such as the CPTPP and how team members like Joseph are playing a vital role, and a big congratulations to the Government of Canada on securing our participation in the CPTPP!