Our Recent Visit to China – Thoughts from our President, Todd Burns, on his recent visit to China to attend the 2018 China Mining Show.

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“2018 brought a lot of new experiences for Cypher and me, one of which was a visit to the 2018 China Mining Show in Tianjin, October 18 – 20.  We have a great distributor in China, Beijing RoadPlus, who attends the show regularly, and while I have been to China on several occasions, this year was my first visit to the mining conference.  Its great to see how the industry has rebounded since the collapse of coal prices in 2015, clearly seen by the attendance and excitement of the exhibitors and delegates present at the show.

What was even greater to see was the comradery of the team at RoadPlus!  The way the entire team rallied around this event, and the teamwork in which they exhibited, was remarkable.  No doubt impacted by the great vision of their leader, CEO of Beijing RoadPlus, Frank Wang (王胜利).  I can say without bias, that the RoadPlus booth was one of the busiest and most popular booths at the trade show.  Beyond the fact that they were exhibiting some unique and in demand technologies in China, the enthusiasm of the team working the booth was contagious and drew all that were passing by to stop and say hello.  At the conference I had the luxury of taking the stage twice, once in a packed house with standing room only, as the keynote speaker at an event hosted by RoadPlus.  The other was an opportunity to discuss the positive environmental and economic impact we have had at a Shenhua mine in Inner Mongolia, at the Canada China Green Mining Workshop, jointly organized by Canmet Mining and the China Mining Association.

Beyond the support of Canmet Mining, a special thanks as well to MSTA Canada (Mining Suppiers Trade Association of Canada) and GAC (Global Affairs Canada) who helped organize a trade mission and visit to the 2018 China Mining Show.  There were a few other Canadian companies who made the trip, and we  hope that they saw the significant potential in the Chinese market and will share the same success we’ve had there over the past few years.

The other first for me on this trip was two separate occasions to visit the Great Wall of China! One in a remote area near Beijing, that is off the beaten path and less of a tourist attraction.  In fact, it was so off the beaten path that one needs to scale the wall just to reach its summit, which Frank and I did together!  An amazing experience to witness the truly remarkable feat of building such a dramatic structure that shaped the history and landscape of the country.  As we posed for a minute to take it all in, the symbolism reminded me of what Cypher and RoadPlus are attempting to do together, not just build our respective businesses, but make an impact on the world in a positive way and leave a trail behind for others to follow.

The second opportunity to visit the Great Wall was during a retreat that included the whole RoadPlus team, to Beijing Wubei Water Town, a remarkable new village built to look like ancient China, almost modeled after Venice, with flowing canals and waterways throughout the city.  The time I spent with the entire team there was a humbling experience and a true testament to the shared values that Cypher and RoadPlus have, demonstrating how we have been able to grow together over the last few years with such synchronism and focus.

The opportunities that lie ahead for us in China are enormous, and we could not be more thrilled to be sharing this experience with RoadPlus, and a special thank-you as well to Xin Ning, Vice President of RoadPlus and an integral member of their team.   I always look forward to my visits to China due to the great diversity in food and culture, but after my visit in 2018, even more so to share experiences with RoadPlus and gain motivation from their teamwork and comradery.  To our friends at RoadPlus, I already look forward to my next visit…  Gombei!