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The Canadian Business Journal - Cypher Environmental

The Canadian Business Journal recently spoke with Cypher Environmental Owner & President Todd Burns about Cypher’s proven solutions in the form of superior results-oriented products combined with environmental integrity. The publication released a 10-page feature in their November issue, covering our company’s core values, recent success and future development strategy.

“We always knew there was a big challenge, especially in developing countries in terms of the need for better infrastructure and better roads. We believe we have the solution to a lot of challenges that exist with different materials and climates around the world.”Todd Burns, Owner & President, Cypher Environmental

Burns has travelled to and completed projects in more than 20 countries and has managed to take what was merely a concept and transform it into a successful business over the past seven years while a team of engineers, chemists, production managers, foremen and marketing managers make up the professional staff at headquarters where the line of products are manufactured. The company has seen substantial growth while fostering a process strategy focused on innovation and environmentally sustainable practices.