Corbana Study Finds UltraZyme® Powder a Safe Alternative to Chemical Post Harvest Cleaners

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Mission and Vision of Corbana Corporacion Bananera Nacional:

Our mission is to contribute to national bananas by strengthening the participation of Costa Rican companies in the production and marketing of bananas. Our vision is to be the best research institution of bananas in Latin America. We aim to help maintain and improve the productivity of plantations. To maintain and improve the international image of Costa Rican bananas. Finally, our vision is to be a highly efficient organization with prompt technical assistance, research, credit and market information.

CYPHER Costa Rica S.A. have been working with Corbana Corporacion Bananera Nacional to meet their goal of being a leader in banana research.  Utilizing Cypher’s UltraZyme® Powder, a comprehensive study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of UltraZyme® Powder as an environmentally safe and sustainable alternative to chemical post harvest cleaners.  This study was conducted at one of Corbana’s farms (Cartagena farm) near the city of Guácimo.


The effect of bioremediation with UltraZyme® on fungus populations in the packing plant washing pools with partial water reuse. Water samples were collected daily throughout the study. These samples were used separately to inoculate three Petri dishes with PDA culture medium, both with and without antibiotic.  After the eighth day the samples were placed in an incubator at 27 ± 1 0C in a dark room.  Then, there was a count of fungi in the samples (colony forming units: CFU of fungi / ml).  The same analysis was performed on well water that normally supplies the ‘weaning’ pool.

Results of the Study

The bacteria in UltraZyme® Powder provides an antagonist effect on Fusarium spp. and Colletotrichum spp, significantly reducing their populations. A reduction in the fungi is important because these fungi are considered primary pathogens causing crown rotting, mold on the crown and anthracnose on the skin.  All of which diminish crop quality and profitability.  Therefore, the use of UltraZyme® Powder significantly reduced any damage caused by the Fusarium, helping to produce a healthier and more durable crop.

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