Another BOLD Interview with Todd Burns

Cypher’s President, Todd Burns, was once again asked to take part in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s BOLD Radio show, on Saturday, March 19th. Todd was joined by Executive Vice President of the Winnipeg Chamber, Loren Remillard, to discuss the new BOLD strategy that the Chamber has rolled out for the Province of Manitoba, and in particular, to discuss procurement within the province. Cypher was chosen to take part, specifically due to their expertise in working with procurement departments and professionals globally, and how some of that experience can be imparted to have a positive impact on how procurement is done locally, here in Manitoba.

Through four years of engagement with community thought leaders and research into best practices (here and abroad), Manitoba BOLD sets out an ambitious vision of Manitoba’s future and the steps the province must take to get there. Manitoba BOLD is more than a document on paper. It’s a movement. From consulting with business leaders, to community outreach, meetings with political parties and hosting BOLD-related meetings across the city, there are no shortage of initiatives and events that are bringing BOLD to life. The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s BOLD radio show is one example of another venue to continue the engagement with business leaders like Todd, who was asked to participate due to his shared vision used to develop Cypher into a global leader in road stabilization, water remediation, and other environmental initiatives; the latter being one of the major focuses of Manitoba BOLD.

Todd’s interview starts at the 20 minute mark using the link below. After listening, we invite local listeners to provide their feedback, or to hear from some of our global followers about how some similar initiatives have unfolded in your hometown, state or province!

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