Cypher’s Experience at Extemin 2015

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Our team at Cypher Environmental Ltd. really enjoyed our experiences meeting with old and new customers at Extemin 2015, in Arequipa, Peru last week. Claimed to be the largest mining trade show in South America, our soil stabilization and dust control solutions were a popular topic at the event due to the high demand for sustainable technologies to assist in the better construction and management of the vast network of haul roads and access roads in the Peruvian mining industry. We attended the show in partnership with our distributors in Peru, Informes y Soluciones S.A.C., and were both very excited about forging new partnerships as a result of all the great connections that we made.

Many of those connections were developed as a result of the great matchmaking program we took part in, spearheaded by EDC (Export Development Canada). The EDC matchmaking meetings really solidified our investment in participating in Extemin. The meetings were targeted and specific to connecting buyers’ needs with the products and services of the Canadian suppliers. Since we already utilize the services of EDC to insure our overseas sales, our soil stabilization and dust control products are known well to their staff, who were able to hand pick some potential buyers for us and Informes y Soluciones.  There was a real sense of quality over quantity in the meetings we had, providing value for all the participants and an efficient use of our time during the show. This was a sentiment echoed not just from Cypher, but all the other Canadian companies exhibiting at the event who had meetings lined up through EDC who I talked to.

CAMESE (Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export) was also present at the event, providing great support to their members, Cypher being one of them. CAMESE does a great job of organizing and participating in events that help Canadian mine suppliers promote their products and technologies to the extractive sector around the world and were also very helpful assisting Canadian companies at Extemin 2015 to network at the event. Lastly, we were happy to be attending the show as a part of the delegation from Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). STEP did a great job at organizing the event for all of us who attended and made it more affordable for us by securing funds from Western Economic Development Canada, who partially funded the STEP pavilion. Even though we are a Manitoba based company, the folks from Saskatchewan at STEP still welcomed us aboard!

A special thanks goes out to the people from these organizations who helped make it happen, such as Andrea Gaunt, Joan Hellard, Lorena Fuentes and Stephen Benoit from EDC,  Ryan McEachern and Dolores Wharton from CAMESE, as well as Guy Hughes and Brad Michnik from STEP. We had a great time making connections at Extemin 2015, but with the help of all these individuals, it was even better!

We look forward to reaping the benefits of these matchmaking sessions and introducing our soil stabilization and dust control solutions to even more clients in Peru in the near future. At times like this, it makes us proud to be a Canadian company due to all the great support programs our government provides to exporters like us!

We look forward to many more visits to Peru in the near future, including Extemin 2017!

Todd Burns,
President, Cypher Environmental Ltd.
For more information on how Cypher has worked with EDC in the past, please see the following blog posts EDC Making Connections at PDAC Go Global, My Experience at the Three Amigos Summit in Mexico. For some insight into one of the programs that CAMESE has helped Cypher promote their technologies at, see CAMESE Innovation blog.

Pictured below is Todd Burns, President of Cypher, with all the individuals from EDC and CAMESE named above.