Philippine Delegation Trade Mission – Cypher Presents

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Cypher Environmental - Philippine Delegation

The week of June 8 – 19, 2015, a Philippine delegation came to Canada to visit with several Canadian companies that possess technologies that may be relevant and in demand in the Philippine market. The trade mission visited Winnipeg on Friday, June 19 and spent several hours touring the new Manitoba Hydro building and other Winnipeg landmarks. The day ended by spending the afternoon at the World Trade Center Winnipeg, where a few local companies were invited to make presentations on ‎the green products and services they have available for export.

One of the Winnipeg headquartered companies that was invited to present was Cypher Environmental, due to the high relevance of the solutions Cypher has to offer to help solve some of the common everyday problems in the Philippines. As a country located in the tropical area of East Asia, the Philippines is plagued with a significant ‎rainy season, which is devastating the roads and other infrastructure systems within the country. Cypher’s soil stabilization and dust control solutions, EarthZyme and Dust Stop, offer a perfect solution to provide more durable roads that can more readily withstand the abuse subjected to the country’s infrastructure during the rainy season.

The Philippines is a developing country that still has vast amounts of unpaved roads. These roads tend to have high clay content and can all benefit from better water resistance. EarthZyme was a topic of the majority of the discussion due to the clay stabilization properties it provides and the significant impact it can have on the overall infrastructure of the country.

The significant interest in building better roads aside, the Philippines also has the need for solutions to help preserve and clean contaminated water, so the UltraZyme line of products were also of high relevance, and another topic that resulted in Cypher’s invitation to speak to the delegation. The traditional water remediation solutions that  UltraZyme provides are certainly of relevance to help improve water quality in the Philippines. UltraZyme also yields superior results for a unique agricultural application that has been recently proven. The Philippines has a large banana production industry and UltraZyme has been proven to help produce better yields through treatment of the water in the wash basin, resulting in reduced water consumption, cleaner bananas and an overall improved shelf life for bananas, from the producer to the time it takes to get them to market.

Cypher Environmental is always looking to expand its global reach and introduce its solutions to new markets around the world and was happy to have the opportunity provided by the World Trade Center Winnipeg to introduce its solutions to this audience from the Philippines. Pictured below is Todd Burns, President of Cypher Environmental, during his presentation to the Philippine trade delegation.