Cypher Invited to Participate in the Latest IMII Event

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Cypher Environmental - International Minerals Innovation Institute

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is a unique industry-government-post-secondary education and research institution partnership jointly funded by industry and government. The Institute is a catalyst to developing industry-driven education and conducts industry-driven research and development to address several emerging issues in the mining industry. A major focus of the IMII’s initiatives is to not only to develop innovative technologies to help grow the mining industry, but also to help spur innovation that will help promote environmentally friendly solutions for the mining industry. As a result, Cypher Environmental was invited to participate in the latest IMII event on Friday, April 17, 2015 to help introduce the green mining solutions that Cypher has developed for the mining industry to the IMII members.

Cypher Environmental has developed several green mining products such as our Dust Stop dust control solution, our Earthzyme soil stabilization treatment, and our Ultrazyme water treatment technology. Research and Development is at the core of Cypher’s corporate initiatives and therefore presenting to groups such as the IMII is of great interest to help connect with like-minded research partners interested in working with Cypher’s technologies to find new innovative approaches to solve some of today’s common problems.

Haul road dust control and tailings dust control are in significant need for all mines and therefore were a significant focus during Cypher’s presentation to the IMII. However, as the bulk of the operating mine members of the IMII are located in Saskatchewan, which is a province that is notorious for high clay content soils, the long term soil stabilization properties offered by EarthZyme were also of high interest to help improve haul road performance for IMII members. Even the capabilities for UltraZyme Hydrocarbon to remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soils were on the agenda due to the growing oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan. Cypher is always thrilled for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who are interested in helping make the world a greener place, and therefore jumped on the invitation by the IMII to speak to its members.

Pictured below is Cypher’s President, Todd Burns, speaking to the audience at the IMII about the environmental mining solutions Cypher has developed. Should there be an interest in having Cypher engage your organization with a presentation on the solutions we offer, please contact us.