Brandon “Core Shack” Opening

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Cypher Environmental - Brandon Core Shack Opening
Cypher Environmental Brandon University Core Shack Geology Core Lab

Geology students Tyler Martin, Derek Holman, Michelle Reid and Scott Ryan join Dr. Hamid Mumin (far left) and Dr. Heather Duncan (left), Acting Vice-President, Academic and Provost, inside the Geology Core Lab at Brandon University during its official opening.

Cypher Environmental was pleased to be invited to the Grand Opening of the Brandon University Geology Core Lab, which has been affectionately named the “Core Shack”. The Core Shack houses a massive sampling of cores that were generously donated by several operating mines. This core collection is unlike any other housed by any Universities in North America and therefore very unique to Brandon University. We are also proud to say that the Core Shack will be home to some geotechnical work being done on a joint project between the University of Brandon and Cypher Environmental that will focus on soil stabilization. Several soil samples will be analyzed before and after treatment with EarthZyme, Cypher Environmental’s soil stabilization product. Tying in with the lab portion of the project, roads near Brandon will be built and monitored for improvements to the engineering properties of the soil. Pictured below are some photos of the Core Shack opening on April 1, 2015.

We will post more feedback on the Brandon University soil stabilization project as the project progresses. For more information on EarthZyme and the enhanced soil stabilization properties it produces, please click here.

Brandon University Core Shack Cypher EnvironmentalCore Shack Brandon U Cypher Environmental EarthZyme Cypher Environmental EarthZyme Core Shack Brandon UniversityCypher Environmental Brandon University EarthZyme Core Shack