Cypher Environmental at PDAC 2015

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Cypher Environmental - PDAC 2015

Cypher Environmental also attends PDAC to interact with its current distributors, here is a picture of representatives from Ambiotek (Chile) and Beijing STS Instrument Co. (China) visiting the Cypher booth at PDAC. Todd Burns, President - Cypher Environmental, Alexander Chojno, GIT Cypher Environmental, Zhen Wonglei - Beijing STS Co in China, John Palson - Engineering Technician - Cypher Environmental, Stephen Chen - Beijing STS Co in China, Samuel Toledo - Ambiotek Spa in Chile

Cypher Environmental recently attended the Prospectors and Developers of Canada trade show and conference. This event offers a wonderful opportunity as one of the world’s largest international mining trade shows, with delegations attending from all over the world. While the conference and trade show share a focus towards attracting investment for exploration, junior mines and start-ups in Canada, there is also a great presence from large operating mines, which is the target audience for Cypher Environmental. Although the mining industry is slowing globally, Cypher Environmental is realizing an expansion in its mining contracts due to the great CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, implications that the use of our technologies (Dust Stop, Earthzyme, Ultrazyme) have when used in and around mine sites.

For example, mine sites around the world are situated close to nearby communities, but the dust generated by the haul trucks and other mining equipment can pose serious health and environmental threats. The use of Dust Stop provides excellent dust control solutions for mines needing dust suppression to help improve their CSR initiatives relating to local communities, as well as to improve their overall impact on the environment. Therefore attendance at events such as PDAC allows for great exposure for our soil stabilization, dust control and water remediation solutions worldwide.