Read the Latest EDC Exportwise Article on Us, “Biting the Dust with Cypher Environmental”

Cypher Environmental works with EDC to help develop new customers and support existing customers in countries worldwide

For the second time in as many months, a feature article on Cypher was written by Export Development Canada (EDC) on their Exportwise website. Cypher Environmental works with EDC to help develop new customers and support existing customers in countries worldwide. The relationship between EDC and Cypher Environmental has been growing as of late as EDC has a focus to develop exports of clean tech solutions, so Cypher represents a great opportunity to help promote this philosophy. The recent article, titled, “Biting the Dust with Cypher Environmental” focuses primarily on the environmentally friendly dust control solutions Cypher Environmental has to offer (Dust Stop), which can benefit end users worldwide. The main topic is the debilitating effect road dust can have on businesses, communities and end users of unpaved roads worldwide, and discusses how our Dust Stop product offers an environmentally friendly solution. However EDC also focused on one of Cypher Environmental’s core mandates, to continue growing through innovation, spurred by a constant focus on Research and Development.

Please see the full article here to read more about some of the recent innovations Cypher has been working on with their dust control, soil stabilization and water remediation solutions.

Biting the Dust with Cypher Environmental is a great indicator of the continued support Cypher Environmental continues to receive from our growing network within Canada. However, we don’t just benefit from being featured in articles such as on Exportwise, we also strive to give back and support EDC and other like-minded organizations. A recent example is our participation in the Go Global event, where we were invited to be one of the expert business panelists to help introduce the EDC services to other companies interested in exporting to new markets. For more information on The Go Global event, please visit our recent blog post.

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