From Our President: My Experience at the Three Amigos Summit in Mexico

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Cypher Environmental - Three Amigos Summit

Last week, Cypher president Todd Burns was part of a delegation that travelled down to Mexico City, Mexico with Canadian Prime Minister Harper to attend the Three Amigos Summit. Read more on his experience:

I was honoured to be invited by the Prime Minister’s office to attend the Three Amigos Trade Summit in Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico, from February 17 – 20, 2014. I have to say that it was quite the prestigious crowd that was invited, which included the CEO of Scotia Bank and Chairman of GoldCorp and allowed me to network with such Mexican contacts as the CEO of Jose Quervo and the Chairman of Aero Mexico. I was thrilled to have Cypher included on the list of invitees with such well-renowned organizations. We were no doubt invited to take part in the trade mission due to significant exposure we have had with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade due to the annually increasing business we are doing overseas and the amount of communication we have had with trade commissioners at various consulates and embassies around the world.

Although the trip was brief, the days were full with the witnessing of the bilateral and trilateral agreements between Canada and Mexico, and Canada, Mexico and the United States. This included a tour of and lunch at the Mexican Presidential Palace and the State Parliamentary buildings in Toluca, the home town of President Nieto. There was a networking reception hosted by Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, a matchmaking session to connect the Canadian delegates with potential Mexican customers and a “Doing Business in Mexico” round-table, where all Canadian delegates got to share our experiences and ideas about doing business in the country. Of course, this was all topped by the opportunity to ride in the Prime Minister’s motorcade and fly on the Royal Canadian Air Force 001, not to mention the great photo opportunities with Prime Minister Harper and president Nieto!

Overall, I really gained a much greater perspective and appreciation of the level of support that our government provides to Canadian companies doing business abroad. We have always had phenomenal support from Canadian Consulates around the world and what I experienced in Mexico last week was no exception. Whether it was the representatives form Export Development Canada, the staff from the Canadian Embassy, Trade Commissioners and staff from the Prime Minister’s Office, they all pooled their talent together to give great support to all the delegates that took part in the trade mission last week. If all the other delegate’s expectations are the same as mine, I suspect we will all be better positioned to sell more in Mexico as a result. I want to extend a special thanks to the rest of the team here at Cypher who help make accomplishments like this come true and who help us to increase the amount of exporting we do on an annual basis.

A few photos from the event:

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