Soil Stabilization Improves Road Infrastructure in Quito, Ecuador

CypherEarthZyme, Soil Stabilization

Quito, located in northern Ecuador is the capacity of the country.  In recent years, the city has experienced a substantial increase in population in certain parts of the city. Neighbourhoods were formed quickly to accommodate the rise in population before any formal city planning could take place.  As a result, infrastructure in these parts of the city were lacking.  Proper roads were not built and temporary dirt roads were formed as citizens found ways to get around.

As part of its efforts to improve infrastructure in the city and to help improve living conditions for its citizens, the Municipality of Quito implemented soil stabilization on two major transport roads in the city in the summer of 2013.  Cypher Environmental’s soil stabilizer product, EarthZyme was chosen for these two clay road stabilization projects. These two roads demonstrated increased density post application and 80 more applications have been scheduled for 2014.

The detailed results of the project are documented here and the complete work report and comparative analysis are also available for download.  For more information on this project, please contact us.