Dust Stop Featured on mc-fm.ca Article


Cypher Environmental’s Dust Stop was featured on mc-fm.ca in an article about dust suppressants and the environment.  Read the article below or see the feature here.

New Dust Control Formula Also Helps the Environment

A new formula recently produced for dust control on unpaved roads and mine sites has been made in a super concentrated blend that offers significant environmental benefits.

Dust Stop is a 100% environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable, one-of product produced by Winnipeg-based Cypher Environmental Ltd.  It comes in powder form, meaning that less energy and gas are required to both transport and apply the product.  Used in some of the world’s largest mines, Dust Stop superior dust control ability means less toxic particulate matter gets emitted into the atmosphere.  Dust-caused trucking and heavy equipment accidents are now a thing of the past – and worker and mechanical downtime are severely reduced.

Unpaved haul roads, no matter what the soil type, create dust once they experience frequent vehicular traffic.  This dust is of critical environmental concern because it represents hazardous air pollution, gets into the surrounding water bodies, threatens vegetation and is a health concern to the people and animals that inhale it.  The dust is also a concern because it poses a safety risk to road users due to the decreased visibility it causes and the huge maintenance costs to equipment.

Dust Stop is composed of all-natural organic ingredients, which allows the product to be applied in environmentally sensitive areas with no environmental threat; and this aids all mining and forestry companies that are now being held liable by governments and environmental departments as well as health & safety regulations now in effect.

To apply Dust Stop, all that is needed is a water truck with an agitator or recirculating pump.  Unlike traditional dust suppressant/dust control products, Dust Stop does not need to be mixed into the soil or compacted. Therefore, it does not require either a motor grader or steel drum compactor for its application.

The first step involved in the application of Dust Stop is to figure out the area of the road or surface that you will be treating.  Once this figure is tabulated, it is easy to calculate the amount of  water and Dust Stop that is required (most applications will call for approximately one pound of Dust Stop per every six square meters).

The next step in the application of the product is to mix the Dust Stop with water prior to the topical application of hte product. The water should be added to the water truck prior to the Dust Stop. Once the pre-determined amount of water is added to the truck, turn on the re-circulating pump and add the pre-determined amount of Dust Stop and allow for sufficient mixing.

Once the Dust Stop is evenly mixed inside the water truck it can immediately be sprayed on the road surface / soil. Make sure to empty the whole tank.  Once the Dust Stop is applied dust control results are immediate; however traffic should stay off of the road until the product has time to dry (drying time can vary depending on the climatic conditions on the day of application, in many cases is around one hour on a warm day).

There is no significant effect on Dust Stop if it is subjected to rain.  Dust Stop contains a blend of natural polymers. The polymers produce are activated by water during the initial mixing/wetting process.  However some of the product does not get hydrated during the initial wetting and is applied as a solid particle held in the film that’s produced by Dust Stop on the road. Therefore, when it rains after the product’s application, it will hydrate the particles that have not yet been activated, therefore they are now available to react with the previously hydrated particles and strengthen the film of dust suppression on the road.

Besides its valued used as a dust suppressant, Dust Stop can also be utilized for erosion control and for a wide variety of other purposes such as stockpiles, embankments, waste control, haulage, landing strips and much more.