UltraZyme is a blend of live environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to remediate organic wastes and provide odour control in a variety of water and wastewater treatment-related applications.

UltraZyme products are available in three powder forms to meet the demands of a number of water-treatment needs (including algae treatment, effluent treatment and remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and water).  The concentrated powder form significantly lowers shipping costs associated with competitive liquid wastewater treatment products. The enzyme and bacterial cultures contained within the UltraZyme products are precisely chosen to rapidly consume the wastes commonly found in the treatment environments in which the products are traditionally applied.

UltraZyme products are effective in both small- and large-scale wastewater treatment facilities and effluent treatment applications, without increasing the capacity of the facility. Our wastewater treatment products improve the widespread efficiency in many of the steps involved in the wastewater treatment process. As the water remediation cycle takes place, UltraZyme helps consume the organic load present in the water, resulting in simultaneous odour control due to the reduction of organic load present in the water by beneficial, non-odour-causing bacteria. UltraZyme doesn’t just mask the odour like its competitors – it attacks it at the source to permanently eliminate the problem.

Any microorganisms present in UltraZyme are naturally occurring and non-genetically modified. The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and uses non GMO and non-pathogenic bacteria. It’s safe to use in any environment including around people, animals and aquatic life.  UltraZyme is a highly diverse product.  It is applied using simple spray equipment and is effective in fresh and salt water, in all temperatures (both high and low) and over a wide range of pH levels.  UltraZyme is completely biodegradable within 28 days after application while digesting hydrocarbons, grease and oils rapidly in most treatment environments.

UltraZyme is available in three varieties of powder forms for a number of unique wastewater treatment situations and applications:

All three UltraZyme products are environmentally-friendly, non-genetically modified, naturally occuring, and non-toxic; providing simultaneous odour control while reducing BOD, COD, total suspended solids, turbidity, bottom solids and sludge. It helps improve clarity and overall water quality while neutralizing pH.

Benefits of UltraZyme Water Treatment

Below is a list of benefits provided by the UltraZyme products. Please contact us to find out which UltraZyme product would be best suited for your needs.

  • BOD Removal (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • COD Removal (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Increased efficiency in wastewater treatment plants
  • Eliminates Odour at the source
  • Reduces SS (Suspended Solids)
  • Reduce total solids
  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen
  • Reduces FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease)
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-flammable
  • Leaves no residue other than oxygen and water
  • Functions equally in fresh or salt water
  • Functions in aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Effective Effluent Treatment solution


UltraZyme is a blend of environmentally-friendly and naturally occurring cultures designed to remediate organic wastes and provide simultaneous odour control. UltraZyme is available in different powder forms to combat various water treatment needs.
UltraZyme operates in 2 distinct and interrelated modes: 1) Inherent Detergency – this is associated with such phenomena as wetting, surface tension reduction and emulsification, all of which promote the dissolution of contaminants in the aqueous phase, and 2) Enzymatic Digestion – otherwise known as enzymolysis, being the decomposition or conversion of contaminants by one or more enzymes.
In the first step of the cleaning mechanism, UltraZyme displaces air from the liquid solid interface and thoroughly wets the soiled surface. This is followed by a number of spontaneous processes leading to emulsification of the contaminants. The enzyme molecules then react biocatalytically to digest complex oil, grease and natural fat bound substances present in this
emulsified form.
Solubilisation refers to the process in which grease is digested and converted to fatty acids, glycerols, carbon dioxide and water. UltraZyme enables solubilisation and inherently prevents the rebinding of the grease recreating the problem further down the line.
A biological process takes time. While UltraZyme is highly effective, it does not achieve an overnight result. UltraZyme is not an instant answer but a lasting solution. Normally, within 30 days, the pipes will be cleaned and UltraZyme will form a biological coating which prevents further grease accumulation.
Odours are treated more quickly. Normally present bacteria produce odours while decomposing nutrients. Hydrogen sulphide is the most infamous. UltraZyme does not produce malodorous compounds. Rather, it uses them in its unique metabolic process – thus an advantageous synergistic relationship is formed.
UltraZyme is a formulation of preformed multiple enzymes that emulsify and digest grease and other organic containments that cause expensive pump outs and foul odours. With regular use of UltraZyme, grease trap and septic control will keep traps, drain lines, garbage disposals and septic systems free flowing and odourless.
UltraZyme is compatible with all municipal waste treatment systems. It enhances beneficial micro organism activity and significantly aids in the reduction of suspended solids and biological oxygen demand (B.O.D).
UltraZyme assists in controlling unpleasant odours through a natural biodegradable process at the instant it is applied. UltraZyme works to eliminate odour by changing the molecular structure of the host environment.
UltraZyme’s bacteria/enzyme formulation is designed to digest nutrient sources throughout the water column, including the bottom. Our product includes two strains of non-hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria specifically targeted for bottom solid digestion.Bottom solids accumulate over time and become one of the primary contributors to total nutrient loading. As the organic matter at the pond bottom decomposes, it releases nitrogen and phosphorus into the water column. UZAC (UltraZyme Aquaculture) contains microorganisms specifically selected for their ability to degrade bottom solids made up of organic matter, simultaneously digesting released nutrients.

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