Benefits of Soil Stabilization

Our past projects have taken us all around the world – and to some of the most remote regions in the world. We have seen first hand how a lack of infrastructure can become a bottleneck to progress – whether it is a key farm road in Turkey or a mine haul road in Colombia, having stable road conditions can ensure there is no unnecessary stoppage in work.  Soil stabilization takes poor quality soil and turns it into a valuable engineering material.  Coarse aggregate is quickly becoming an exhausted resource. Cost are continually increasing to either deliver the aggregate to the job sites or crust existing rock.  The poor quality soil is excavated and then replaced with the aggregate.  This increases vehicle usage, time and you would also need to dispose of the poor quality soil.  It is more cost effective to use the material that is already there, while alleviating vehicle usage and time.

Here are some benefits to Soil Stabilization:

  • Cost Effective Solution:  for many roads and mine haul roads, having constant access is essential to the operation of business.  Many soil stabilization techniques are permanent and do not need constant application to maintain the road conditions.  With one application, you can ensure the operation of your business and guard against unnecessary stoppage which causes setbacks and additional costs.
  • Save on Time: Delays and setbacks can be quite common in major projects. With the application of a soil stabilizer such as EarthZyme, you can eliminate any unnecessary stoppages in work caused by rainfall or factors that are beyond your control.
  • Minimal Environmental Footprint: constant traffic, especially on mine sites where haul trucks carry massive loads on a daily basis, can have negative impact on the environment.  A soil stabilizer can ensure the roads are not damaged during and after the project.
  • Saves on Waste: there are soil stabilizers like EarthZyme that are designed to utilize the soil on site for the road stabilization process.  Specific to EarthZyme, we utilize the clay content in soils to enable the stabilization process. This eliminates the need to haul in soils and other materials from off site.
  • Easily transported: EarthZyme is very concentrated, enabling it to be packaged and shipped in 20-litre totes. Just 1 litre of EarthZyme can treat 33 m3 of compacted soil.  This makes the cost per 1km or mile of road negligible compared to alternative products.
  • Ease of Application: EarthZyme is easily applied using standard construction equipment and techniques. Construction of an EarthZyme road requires a pulverizing mixer or grader, water truck, and a steel drum roller or haul truck. Cypher Environmental prides ourselves on providing training and detailed technical support to our distributors, which results in the successful projects.

There are many different soil stabilization methods available on the market today. When choosing the right soil stabilizer for your project – consider the environmental impact of the formulation to the vegetation and wildlife around your application site.  At Cypher Environmental, we are committed to producing sustainable solutions that are 100% environmentally-friendly.  If you require a soil stabilizer for your project or mine site, contact us at Cypher Environmental for more details.


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